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Ask What Carrageenan Can Do For Your Business

The additive carrageenan is used to thicken and stabilize foods and non-food products. It has been around for years and has been studied extensively. Even better, it has been found to not have any side effects that it causes, while there are notable benefits to including this additive in your products. See below the various companies that can benefit from opting to use carrageenan in their production process.

Cosmetics and Lotions Producers

The production of cosmetics and lotions requires both thickening and stabilization. In these products, the users typically have concerns when a product is man-made and has not been studied to determine the potential hazards and dangerous effects it can have on the person using the product. With carrageenan, it is processed from red seaweed, a naturally growing plant. It is used in foods and non-foods, which makes it safe for consumption and therefore less likely to cause cancer or other significant health issues. Finally, it has been studied for 40 years and has always been found to have no negative effects. This is important in a world where we have a lot of additives and preservatives being used that later are found to have significant impact on the people using the product.

Varnishes and Paint Production

As noted above, carrageenan is a thickening agent. It is also used in food products, with no negative impact. When it comes to use in paint and varnishes, it has an important benefit. It cuts down on the Volatile Organic Content, or VOCs, present in the product. This is a big concern for those who purchase paint and varnish, as VOCs are dangerous for human exposure. The less VOCs, the more appealing the product will be. Adding carrageenan helps cut those VOCs and therefore increases the marketability of your products in regard to the average consumer.

Food Production

This particular additive helps increase shelf life for products. It makes it possible to have a product that formerly required refrigeration able to be stored on a shelf. Finally, it allows people who have to follow a kosher diet to be able to purchase certain products that would previously have not been kosher. All of this means good things for both the consumer and the product vendor. The studies have shown that addition of carrageenan to a food product does not cause any health issues, which is important to everyone in today’s society. Being able to trust the additives in the food you eat is a better way to find peace of mind in daily living. That is possible with carrageenan.


Life in a Country with Limited Access to Fresh Water

For those in Southeast Asia, it is hard to find a way to make a living and support a family. There is limited access to fresh water or arable land, making it tough to find something to grow that can be a success. However, red seaweed grows well without fresh water or arable land. This means the production of carrageenan can be done, the families can make money and keep growing red seaweed for the mutual benefit of grower, consumer and product merchant.