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Nigerian Food For Easter

We’re going to take a closer look at what people enjoy in Nigeria for Easter, so that you can start thinking about the meal that you are going to make for your Easter celebrations.

Frejon. Frejon is a specialized dish that is made from black beans, coconut pulp, and white sugar. It actually has its causes in Brazil and Portugal. Frejon is a delicious dish that offers a sweet, yet fragile parity from the expansion of coconut and sugar. It is customarily consumed on Good Friday, throughout the Easter season and is typically presented with cassava and fish stew options. Different people make it differently, and you’ll see variants from various families.

Pepper Soup. A favorite course that Nigerians enjoy on Easter is pepper soup, which is a delicacy from the Eastern side of the nation. Many people know it as a pleasant and delectable hors d’oeuvre. How much you make and what you include will vary on your family, but generally the base is some sort of meat, on the bone, and pepper.

Jollof Rice. Another favorite course that people enjoy on Easter is Jollof rice. As you likely know, this dish is quite popular throughout the country and is a favorite for many Nigerians. It contains a large amount of rice, a variety of vegetables, different meats, and eggs. As with almost all of the other foods that we’ve talked about here, you will find variants depending on the family that is making it.

Dessert. Dessert is the best part of any meal, isn’t it? The desserts that you will enjoy on Easter will vary; some families will enjoy homemade pastries and cakes that they haven’t been able to eat during the season of Lent; other families will enjoy fruit salads and more healthy options.