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Art, Entertainment, and Celebrity Net Worth

The United States certainly has a level of infatuation with celebrities, and it is always interesting to see where art and entertainment converge.  When it comes to something like acting, the most important thing when it comes to celebrity net worth is not necessarily being the best artist in the realm of acting, but actually being the best entertainer.  Although I certainly have enjoyed a few of his roles, I would hardly consider someone like Tom Cruise to be the best actor in the world, but he is at the top of the list of net worth for actors.  Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson, who I would argue is one of the world’s greatest living actors, is worth about fifty-million dollars less than he is.  One might argue that this is some form of injustice, but it is the masses that speak to the amount of money that these actors are able to pull in, and so it is more of a popularity contest than it is any form of objective measurement regarding the abilities of the actors in question.

    Certainly there are certain actors who are able to pull in a lot of money in the box office who are not necessarily great actors.  Keanu Reeves is one actor that often comes to mind when people discuss actors who have had major roles in blockbuster films but are not necessarily considered to be excellent artists.  Reeves is a guy who began his career playing dumbed down characters in films like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but was later able to land more serious roles for major films that helped him to boost his career and his popularity.  This is something that seems to happen for a lot of actors, and so it is difficult to say who is deserving and who is not.  Ultimately, it is box office money that means the most to these numbers, and that is why it is not really any way to form an opinion on the actors themselves.

    When it all comes down to it, certain actors will be more popular than others regardless of their abilities.  Of course, rather than simply acting skills, looks and charisma also often tend to play a major role when it comes to the ability of an actor to make money.  One can form their own opinions regarding their favorite actors, but it is ultimately the movie going masses who will determine who makes the most money.

celebrity net worth

    I find these sorts of lists extremely interesting, as they often help one to understand where arts and entertainment merge together.  Being a great actor does not guarantee you the ability to make a whole lot of money.  I am certain that there are actors out there who are better than anyone on this list, but the bottom line is that all of the actors on this list have been able to entertain people for decades now, and that is why they have earned the money they have.